About FBT

社名 株式会社FBT Holdings (FBT Holdings Co., Ltd.)
資本金 1000万円
設立 2012年2月29日
代表取締役 栃木裕美子
事業内容 ブランディング、メディア、Ecommerece、事業投資、

株式会社Green Room 取締役を経て、株式会社FBT Holdingsを設立。24歳より北米にてFitness Businessをスタート。

At the age of 21, Yumiko returned to Japan after being educated at Chicago’s DePaul University, and she immediately founded her first company. In the process, she became one of the youngest CEOs in Japan, and successfully sold her company a few years later.
When Yumiko sold her company, she became the youngest CEO in the history of Asia to sell the company she founded to a publicly traded company.Since founding Clipper Inc in 2008, Yumiko has successfully distributed products for several of the world’s best-known fitness brands, like Hoopnotica, and she also acted as the publicist for brands like Nike and K Swiss.In 2015, Yumiko sold Clipper Inc, becoming the first female entrepreneur in Asia to sell two companies in a ten year period.
Under Yumiko’s continued leadership, Clipper Inc has expanded its business beyond the distribution of fitness equipment. It now manages galleries that sell autographed sports merchandise, and it also offers promotional services for sports and music events.
In addition to her continued work as the CEO of Clipper Inc, Yumiko founded Fun Business Team LLC in the United States, which distributes the Gym Magic brand of fitness equipment. She also founded Kairoz Holding in Singapore as a means of investing in aspiring young entrepreneurs.Aside from these companies, Yumiko is involved in additional business ventures related to her other hobbies: music, travel, real estate and mixed martial arts.
Yumiko has sold two companies in ten years.thats first record in Asia and Europe as women entrepreneur.